Medical Forms

Medical Form 2019

BSA has created a new version of the Annual Health and Medical Record (AHMR). The new form (680-001 2019 Printing) is designed to be a universal medical form for all scouts and adults, and is required for all Scouts attending any BSA camp (e.g., summer camp, NYLT, Philmont, or any high adventure).  It is also required for participation on Troop outings.

All medical forms completed on any version of the AHMR, other than the one accessible below, will expire on December 31, 2020.  All AHMR forms completed on or after December 31, 2019 MUST be the latest version.

BSA requires that this official form be completed, in its entirety, every 12 months.  Because of the detailed information required by this form, we cannot accept copies of school and sports physical forms or any other doctor created forms.  Many pediatricians, however, will complete Part C of this form at no additional charge at the time your son has his school, sports or annual physical. 

Parents, please note that you and/or the doctor must complete this form in its entirety. The immunization section must be completely filled out or it will be returned to you. You may not write "see last year" or merely include a separate copy of the doctor's immunization records as a separate page. The section must be completed. 

Also note that a copy of your insurance card must be included with the completed form. 

Finally, the forms require that your signature on the Troop 599 Notarization Supplement (page 2) be notarized. Don Vickery is a notary and will try to be available at most troop meetings to notarize documents at no cost to you.


  • Only this form will be accepted after December 31, 2019. 
  • Immunization section must be filled out. 
  • Must include a copy of insurance card. 
  • T599 Supplement must be notarized. 

High Adventure Medical Forms

With the new AHMR form, BSA has eliminated the Part D High Adventure Supplement.  Instead, information sheets with risk advisories have been provided by each of BSA's National High Adventure Bases.

Scouts planning on attending a high adventure at Florida Sea Base, Northern Tier, Philmont Scout Ranch, or the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve are advised to print off the corresponding info sheet(s) and take them with them to their physical examination.

Florida Sea Base requires the PADI medical form (below) for all SCUBA participants in addition to the BSA AHMR.

High Adventure Supplemental Information and Forms:

Northern Tier Supplement
Philmont Scout Ranch Supplement
Florida Sea Base Supplement
PADI Medical Form - Required for all Sea Base SCUBA Participants in addition to the AHMR
Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve Supplement