In 1968, the original Scoutmaster decided to sell Greenery as a fundraiser.  This single annual fundraising event, pays for all outing fees and allows the troop to purchase new items (new tents in 2014) and maintain previous purchases such as a troop truck and trailer that is used for camp outs and high adventure outings. 

Each scout MUST sell a minimum of $300 worth of greenery. The fastest way to success is an early start! The community wants to support Boy Scout activities, and Troop 599 is known for selling high quality greenery. The same customers buy greenery year after year!

The retail greenery price is used to compute commissions and there are prizes to the top sellers including gift cards. Mail order items are calculated at one-half of sales price because the shipping cost reduces troop profit.

Dates                                                                                          Forms    

Sept 4 kickoff                                                                                                Scout Delivery Order Forms

Sept 18     6:30 to 7:00 - first turn-in orders                                            Mail Delivery Order Forms

October 2 6:30 to 7:00 - Turn-in orders                                                   Brochure

October 9  7:00 to 7:30 - Turn in orders                                                   

October 16 7:00 to 7:30  Turn-in orders                                              

October 23 7:00 to 7:30  Last night mail order

October 30 7:00  to 7:30 Last date to turn-in direct delivery order

November 27 Distribution at the scout hut


Scouts are eligible for prizes for each $100 worth of greenery money turned in. Each week you turn in orders, you are eligible for the drawing that will occur at the next scout meeting. You must be present to win. There is also a grand prize drawing - the higher the sales, the more grand prize tickets received! 

Do I collect the money at order time?

You must collect CASH or CHECKS at the time of the sale – NO CREDIT CARD SALES.  Checks are made payable to “BSA 599”. The Scout’s name must be written on the bottom left memo line of every check. 

When will the Greenery be Distributed?

Greenery will be picked up at the scout hut.  Each scout will be assigned a time that evening between 6:00pm and 8:30 based on their sales volume. The schedule will be delivered with the weekly email. Scouts should arrive at the designated time slot. Upon receiving greenery, it is the scout’s responsibility to verify the order is correct at distribution time. 


Final order must be turned in a week before final turn-in.  The gift labels are for mail-in orders which will be delivered by UPS or FedEx within the first two weeks after Thanksgiving.  Each item must be on a different label e.g. only one item per label. You must fill out address information on every label - even if they go to the same address. Write clearly. Do not cut up the forms. 

After final distribution, there will be a limited amount of extra items for purchase. 

Commissions will be paid for items sold during the Christmas Party.

Some people prefer to just give money to the scouts. Enter the donated amount on the order form and the scout will receive commission on the donation amount. I’m a new Scout, do I have to do this?  New Scouts who join the troop after October will be exempt from sales until next year. 

Write neatly in blue or black pen. You will have to deliver the greenery, so write legibly. The order form has fields for total per customer and totals for the order form. The order form will not be accepted if both vertical and horizontal totals reconcile.  Please make sure this is complete before arriving at the meeting. 

The cash and checks go in the envelope.  Write the check number and amount on the outside of the envelope. The amount in the envelope must reconcile with the total amount on the order form. The Scout’s name must be in the memo field on all checks. 

Contact Ira Gross at  Your help will be greatly appreciated.