Frequently Asked questions

Can I visit a meeting?

Absolutely!  Boys are encouraged to visit a meeting before joining a troop.  You are welcome to attend any meeting on Tuesday at 7:30.  If you are a Webelo Den and would like to attend as a group when there is a guest speaker, contact ASPL Nathan for a list of dates and the scheduled guest speaker. 

Can anyone join the Boy Scouts? 

Any boy who is eleven (11) years old or is in the sixth grade is welcome to join.  A boy can also join if he is at least 10 years old and has completed the Arrow of Light requirements as a Webelos Scout (which means he must be 10 ½ years old). 

What is a First Class Emphasis (FCE) program? 

A program dedicated to helping the boys obtain the first 4 ranks (Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class) in Boy Scouts.  This program is well organized and run by several adult leaders as well as Troop Guides (older scouts).  There are 2 to 3 FCE Patrols with 8-10 Scouts each.  Each patrol will have 2 – 3 Troop Guides and an Adult Advisor (ASM) assigned to it.  During campouts, there are always a Troop Guide and an ASM there to teach the boys how to cook, cleanup and other scouting activities.  Effort is made to keep friends together in patrols. 

What is a Boy Led troop? 

Elections are held at the end of the year for a Senior Patrol Leader.  The Senior Patrol Leader picks a staff of boys who run everything from what occurs during the meetings, the campouts, etc.  Patrols also elect their Patrol Leaders.  This gives the boys an opportunity to be a true leader, and many leadership roles (positions of responsibility) during his years in scouting.  This is the full definition from

As a Boy Led Troop, we hold an annual Planning and Team Building Retreat each August for the Youth (Scout) Leadership to plan the calendar of events – outings and weekly meetings - for the coming year. Patrol Leader Council (PLC) meetings throughout the year are then used to adjust, change, modify or otherwise plan out the near term activities.   

Do you go camping? 

Our Troop has an outing every month during the school year. Typical outings include: Annual King Ranch Rendezvous where the boys get to shoot guns, annual Enchanted Rock SNA Rappelling & Climbing, Backpacking & Hiking, Skills, Iron Chef Cooking, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Canoeing, "Huck Finn" rafting, Beach activities, Aquatics outing (with Canoes, Kayaks, Sailing, Water Skiing), Patrol Outings, "Stealth" games, Orienteering, Camporee, etc.    

There are a large number of parents who attend the campouts – including several active mothers. 

The troop offers multiple choices for High Adventure trips for scouts 14 years and older.   

Summer camp is a big event with 60+ boys and 15+ adults attending.  

See the Outings page for more information. 

Does the troop provide tents and other equipment? 

The Troop is fortunate to have its own Scout Lodge. We also have a Troop truck and trailer for use on outings, summer camp, high adventures and Eagle Projects. The Troop has put together a large inventory of camping and general outing equipment including: tents, patrol boxes, Dutch Ovens, lanterns, dining fly’s, rope and other supplies. Scout pairs are issued Troop tents for use during the year. We also have our own Rappelling equipment, ropes and harnesses for use during our annual Enchanted Rock outing each January. For the First Aid MB and other training we have several CPR dummies. For aquatic activities we have six canoes with an assortment of paddles and two small boats (Sailboat and Jon Boat) complete with trailers.

Do you have to wear a uniform?

The boys are required to wear the Field Uniform (formerly and sometimes still called the Class A Uniform), including our distinctive Thurderbird caps, to the meetings. Their shirts need to be tucked in, they need to wear closed toed shoes, etc.  There are no uniform inspections.  They do not have to wear polished loafers, scout socks, etc.   We do not wear the standard BSA cap or use a neckerchief and slide.  

What if he misses a meeting?

Unlike Cub Scouts, if a scout misses a meeting, there are plenty of opportunities to fulfill requirements that might have been covered during the meeting.   The Scout Handbook lists the requirements for each rank.  As they are completed, the Assistant Scout Master (ASM) signs off on the requirement.  Parents CANNOT sign off on requirements in Boy Scouts.  If, for example, your son misses a day where they demonstrate the proper care, sharpening, and use of a knife, you can look up this information in his Scout Handbook (or contact his Troop Guide in FCE) and remind your son that he needs to make up this requirement during a campout, or at a later meeting.

What does it cost to join Troop 599?

All scouts must pay an annual registration fee of $100/year.   Unlike other troops, most of our expenses, including most campouts, are paid for by the Troop.  We have a single fundraiser; at the beginning of the school year, the boys will be required to sell $300 worth of Christmas/Holiday greenery.  Greenery is easier to sell than popcorn. Most boys can sell $300 worth in less than three hours.  As an incentive, the boys can earn commission on their sales over $300.  This money provides most of the camping fees for our monthly outings and the other costs of operating the troop.  They will typically need $10, however, for each campout to pay for food. 

Where do I get a uniform?

Uniforms are sold at the Cockrell Scout Center located at 2225 North Loop West (TC Jester and I - 610).  The people at the center are helpful and can tell you what you need.  
The troop provides:
•    A name badge 
•    A Troop Hat
•    A class B uniform (a t-shirt for activities)
•    A Troop Notebook
•    A Troop number patch and several other patches for your class A uniform

You need to purchase these items from the Cockrell Scout Center:
•    A tan Boy Scout class A uniform shirt
•    A pair of BSA shorts or pants
•    World Crest Emblem
•    Sam Houston Council shoulder insignia
•    Green shoulder loops or epaulets
•    A BSA belt
•    A Boy Scout Handbook

Alternatively, the handbook may be purchased from the troop at cost ($12.00 for perfect bound or $15.00 for spiral bound) and used uniforms may be obtained free from our Troop Uniform Exchange.

What do I need to do to join Troop 599?

The Boy Scouts of America requires a number of forms to be completed. In addition, Troop 599 has a number of forms that include medical treatment release, transportation commitment, etc.  You can download all of the troop forms from our website, by clicking on the New Membership Packet and Medical Forms (BSA Required) on the 
Forms tab.  You will also need to complete a single page BSA form that can be obtained in the office of the Scout Lodge during any meeting.  

Do many boys earn Eagle Rank?

This is a list of Eagle Scouts from Troop 599. 

Want more information?

Contact the ASPL of Membership, at