ADuLT Training

There are 4 major focuses of Adult training:

  •  YPT (Youth Protection Training) – for adult leaders, adult participation in activities, and for Scouts.  This training is normally taken on-line and information for the on-line training is discussed in YPT section but applies to all the on-line training for the other sections.

  •  Adult training for ASM (Assistant Scoutmaster) and Committee Members - for re-registration and proper training for their adult PORs (position of responsibility).   YPT training is also required. 

  • Adult training to support special  campouts – E-Rock (climbing instructors and COS-Climb on Safely), King Ranch (NRA gun safety), and Water outings (canoe training and Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat) 

  • Adult and youth training to complement program –CPR, YPT-Youth Protection Training (Time to Tell),  EDGE, Wood Badge, Wilderness First Aid, etc. 

We organize trainings and/or advise of Training opportunities to support the focus areas above.

Youth Protection training and other on-line training

Beginning in the fall of 2013, all adults driving or attending any outing MUST have a current Youth Protection Training (YPT) certificate meaning a certificate dated within the last two (2) years.  YPT, along with several other courses, can be taken on line.  YPT is required for all adults registering as a BSA leader or attend summer camp or high adventures every two years.  Also, all Scouts that attend high adventures must take Youth Protection Training.  The Troop shows YPT videos at Troop meetings, also, including “A Time to Tell”.

To get started, access and create a user name and password. While you will be asked for a BSA ID No., you can proceed without one.  If, however, you are a registered Committee Member or Assistant Scoutmaster, your BSA ID No. is shown on your membership card.  If you have misplaced your card, contact Walter Brookhart or Don Vickery who can provide your ID No.  Enter your BSA ID No., if you have one, and link your training to Sam Houston Area Council in your profile so that your training will show on the council records at recharter. 

By accessing the E-Learning page, you can see the available classes and view certificates for classes you have already taken - which includes the date you took the training.

NOTE: It is important that you click the tab titled Boy/Varsity Scout before selecting your training.  All required training for Troop 599 is accessed from this tab.  The other tabs have classes with the same titles but contain differentcontent intended for the Cub Scout, Varsity, and Venture and Sea Scout programs.  Make sure you choose the tabBoy/Varsity Scout before starting a training class.

When you complete a training course, you will have the opportunity to print the certificate to PDF.  Please email all certificates to our Records Coordinator, Don Vickery, at; for recording in Troopmaster.  If you are registering as a Committee Member or Assistant Scoutmaster, please also email certificate for any required courses (see below) to Walter Brookhart at


In addition to YPT a registered adult leaders (Committee Members, Assistant Scoutmasters and Merit Badge Counselors) within the Troop must also complete these training programs found a

  • Fast Start Training: You'll learn the aims and purposes of the Boy Scouts of America's core program, and then zero in on the job. You'll cover the seven parts of the troop meeting, the troop committee, outdoor program, and other basic concepts of Scouting, all in one short online experience. It's the best way for someone new to the program to quickly grasp how troop Scouting works and where additional resources can be found.
  • This is Scouting:  An online interactive learning experience that is divided into six modules. It picks up where Fast Start left off and explains how a boy lead troop functions including the role of a patrol and the various positions with in the patrol. This training takes about an hour.

To be a member of the Board of Review, a Troop Committee Member or a Unit Coordinator, you must also take:  

  • Troop Committee Challenge:  An overview of the roles within a troop committee. ​

To be an Assistant Scoutmaster, you must also take:

  • Scoutmaster Specific:  A 6-8 hour course offered on a Saturday or on two evenings which covers basic scouting organization skills, including the Patrol Method and effective leadership of meetings.  The course is intended to give new troop leaders the confidence and skills they need to ensure their immediate success and to provide a foundation for their development as effective Scouters.  It teaches practical ways to instill the eight methods of Scouting into troop programs. This training also allows participants to learn the seven steps of a troop meeting through hands-on exercises. This course is not offered online. 
  • IOLS-Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills:  An advanced skills and leadership course requiring a 3 hour meeting one evening and a two day (one overnight) outing. This hands-on program teaches adult leaders the practical outdoor skills they need to lead Scouts in the out-of-doors, including hands-on knowledge of setting up a campsite, pitching a tent, hiking, outdoor cooking—all the skills necessary to see the outdoor program of the Boy Scouts of America come to life.  Graduates should be proficient in the basic outdoor skills through First Class rank. This course is not offered online. 


The troop needs adults to take additional training to support special campouts including E-Rock (climbing instructors and COS-Climb on Safely), King Ranch (NRA gun safety), and water outings (canoe training and Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat).   Several of these trainings need to be taken every two years to be in-force.

Most of these trainings are on-line in the same BSA website discussed in the YPT section.  BSA climbing instruction, NRA gun safety, and canoe training require in-person attendance.  More information is available by contacting the Troop Training Coordinator or Training Advisor.

Every January Troop 599 holds a Climb on Safely Training/ Enchanted Rock Training and Site Assignments meeting.   You can take COS at this class or on-line. 

Additional canoe training is available at the following website -  Please contact the Troop Training Coordinator/Advisor on which training is appropriate for the Troop outing.

Training Information- Adult and Youth to Complement Program

The troop has additional adult and youth training to complement our overall program and for Summer High Adventures.  These include CPR, YPT-Youth Protection Training (Time to Tell), EDGE, Wood Badge, Wilderness First Aid, and etc.

Training for youth is advertised in the Scout Newsletter and e-mail blasts.  These include a CPR class which the Troop sponsors yearly.  Also, YPT, Youth Protection Training, is required for all Scouts attending high adventures.   The Troop shows YPT videos at Troop meetings, also, including “A Time to Tell”.

There is special training for adult leaders and Scouts to further their rank advancement (EDGE) and prepare them for summer high adventures (Wilderness First Aid).   Woodbadge is an excellent course for adult Troop Leaders to further their BSA knowledge and skills.  Various links to these trainings are available at the Sam Houston Area Council ( ) and other websites.

Contact information – Troop 599 Training Advisor - Walt Bozeman at and 281-597-9250.

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