First Class Emphasis (FCE) is a program planning tool for first year scouts that has been a part of the BSA's troop program for over twenty years. FCE is a focused program plan used that gives an active Scout the opportunity to learn, test, be reviewed, and be recognized for the ranks leading to and including First Class within the first approximately 14-months of his Boy Scout membership. 

It's purpose is to give the Scout the basic skills needed to integrate into the regular program of the troop, and to give the Scout the activity, confidence, experience and self-esteem to keep more scouts in the troop for that all important first year. Troops that use First Class Emphasis have a higher retention rate not only for the first year, but for the first three years of Scouting, than units that do not use it. 

Expectations of an FCE Scout


* FCE Meetings are every Tuesday from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm prior to the general Troop meeting. 
* Meetings are on the 2nd floor of MDUMC Family Life Center.   
* Scouts should bring their book and wear Class A uniform to every meeting